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Link Management (with Link Builder)


Link Builder is a tool that can be used within several elements across MacSites. It is used to easily generate a standardized button that leverages all the functionality within MacSites.



  1. Anywhere that Link Type/Link Builder is listed with a dropdown, the Link Builder is an option.
  2. The Link Builder dropdown has several options:
    1. Internal Page: Search any page within the site to automatically apply the link. When set up correctly, this will also inherit any link changes to the site in the future.
    2. External Site: URL to a different website
    3. Email Address: Will auto-populate a new email message based on the user’s device settings
    4. File Upload: Upload a file that a user will download when they select the button. Important note: It’s important to include language like ‘Download’ on the button text as well as a file extension (ex. .pdf) so that the user is made aware that they are about to download something to their local device. 
    5. Pop-Up: Generate a pop-up window with content.
    6. Video Pop-Up: Generates a pop-up window with video content.
    7. Phone Number: When selected with a device able to make calls, it should pre-populate the number for dialling.
    8. Social Media: List social media accounts.
  3. Select the option and a button/link will be generated within the element with the behaviour you’ve selected.
  4. When ready to publish, select ‘Update’.



Within many elements across MacSites. 


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