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Header & Footer


The branded McMaster Brighter World header & footer appears on every page and provides users with a consistent experience across many McMaster websites.

While much of the header & footer are pre-set, there are some customizations available. See below for a full walkthrough of all the header & footer options.



Header & Footer Settings

The Header & Footer settings can be found in the left sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard.


What is the primary menu?

The primary menu is the main menu selected as such in the WordPress Menu Editor. The Menu Editor can be found in Appearance > Menus.

The primary menu is typically at the top of the page, just below the header. More information about creating and updating menus can be found in the Menu Management portion of this documentation.


Primary Menu Options

Beyond the default, there are 3 additional options for menu styling. The options selected will be applied to all pages on the site.

Sticky Menu: A menu that locks into place at the top of the page when the user scrolls anywhere on the page. It is always visible. This is also sometimes called a fixed menu.

Stretch Menu: A menu that will span the full width of the page wrap. Menu items will be evenly spaced apart.

Condensed Menu: A menu that will condense to the left side of the page. It will have very little space between each menu item.


What is the Header Title?

The Header Title is the text or logo at the center of the top of the page. It is the same across all pages of the site.


What is the Footer Title?

The Footer Title is the text at the left side of the bottom of the page next to the link and social media columns. It is the same across all pages of the site.


Header & Footer Subtitle Options

When the WP Global checkbox is selected in the Header & Footer Subitle Options, the editor will use the default tagline that is set for the site in the Appearance options.

To find the tagline/subtitle settings in the Appearance options, select Appearance (in the left sidebar of the dashboard) > CustomizeSite Identity

Although it is recommended to keep the tagline/subtitle the same throughout the site, it can be changed. To change it, uncheck the selection and set a new site title and URL.

Set as Tagline option: Setting your subtitle as a tagline by selecting the checkbox will change the order of title and subtitle on all pages of your site. The default is to have the subtitle above the title.


Other Header & Footer Options

Logo URL Option: To use a custom logo instead of text in the site title, put the live link of the logo image in the Logo URL Option field. If used, this will overwrite the title and subtitle text in the header and they will not be shown.

Search Custom URL: This is how the search engine treats the “Search Current Site” option. The field is auto-populated and should be left blank.


Footer Columns

The footer can be set to have one, two or three columns with custom content. Below is the recommended structure.

Column one (recommended): Contact information including name, address and phone number.

Column two (recommended): Custom links (relevant internal or external links that may not be the focus of the site but are helpful, such as careers, terms & conditions, privacy, etc.)

Column three (optional): Additional custom links if the first column didn’t have enough room. Using two columns of links also allows links to be grouped into categories.


Social Media Options

The footer contains a Social Handles options.

To include a link to a social media page, simply paste the link of your page (ex. for Twitter) into the appropriate field. The icons won’t display without a link in the field.

To leave the social media menu off the page, leave all fields blank.