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Dynamic Content


Dynamic Content is content that is set in one location in the back end of the site and can be reused in several locations across the site. It provides a single source of truth and an efficient workflow.


Dynamic Contents Types


Good for internal News and blog posts. Can also create News items that link to external News articles.


List upcoming and past Events.


List People with pre-generated People cards. Good for Contact Pages and Team information.


A tool for listing documents, links, etc. all in one place. 


A tool for listing testimonials from students, participants, attendees, etc.


Forms are created using a plugin called WPForms. For more information, consult the Forms in MacSites documentation.



All Dynamic Content Types have their own section in the back-end editor. They all have links in the left sidebar with the ability to add, update and delete. These areas of the back end of the site are considered the single source of truth. If the content is deleted from these areas in the back end of the site, the content will be removed from the live site as well.

Dynamic Content can be setup as standalone pages (Dynamic Content Pages) or they can be used as card elements within other pages (Dynamic Content Elements).

Dynamic Content Pages

For more information on Dynamic Content Pages and how to set them up, consult the Dynamic Content Page Template documentation.

Dynamic Content Elements (Thumbnail Cards)

For more information on Dynamic Content Elements and how to set them up, consult the Dynamic Content Cards documentation.